The major Terms of Use of Buyby are as follows:

  1. Buyby is a free app and you may not sell or buy it.
  2. In the event of user report of a store, page, profile and so on, and should our experts confirm an obscene content, we reserve the right to completely terminate the account.
  3. You may not create account to buy, sell and post sexually-related matters.
  4. Users must use valid and strong passwords to avoid probable damages to their accounts.
  5. Buyby is not responsible for selling and buying of pages and stores and so on and we do not accept any liability for breaching the above terms.
  6. Buyby assumes no liability whatsoever for pages, profiles, products, stores and so on and the user is liable for any content published under their account.
  7. These Terms will be amended from time to time and our network will comply with amended Terms.